Some History Of The Plasterers Forum

Having one of the biggest plastering forums on the Internet is such a fantastic experience for me. I get to meet some of the most talented plasterers throughout the UK, and I get to play with some of the leading innovative tools to hit the Uk construction industry.

I also get to see some fantastic materials and have had the pleasure at being right at the cutting edge of the stone effect render products that are slowly finding a foothold in the UK market.

So The Plasterers Forum was started in 2007, and although it was a slow start, we did have quite a few competitors at the time but my vision and determination that was backed up my a crack team of dedicated moderators has grown the forum to be place for lots of fantastic interesting information.

In 2009, The Plasterers Forum was the biggest plastering forum on the Internet, and we were really making ripples in the industry but due to restrictions with software and funding, we struggled to continue with the forward drive.

In 2010, The Plasterers Forum took a huge turn for the better, and I invested in the top of the range software and started really pushing to get some commercial partners and one of the first commercial partners who came on board was Gold Trowel Construction Training and they really helped cover some initial costs.

With the change of The Plasterers Forum Software and the increase in traffic the forum servers were really struggling to cope with the extra load and then came the biggest expense.

From 2011, onwards The Plasterers Forum has really just grown, and I have really had to start pushing hard, and I spend 90% of my time these days talking to companies like Knauf and British Gypsum to get the feedback of our members to them so that they can improve.

Putting the end user of any product or service in front of the main manufacturers has been one of the most powerful aspects of the Plasterers Forum and is what a lot of companies are keen to get involved with. It takes market research to a whole new level.

The members of The Plasterers Forum are what make it a great place, and I have mentioned previously in other posts that they really are the backbone, and without the forum would be a very lonely place.

The members have created groups within the forum, and they are running their own competitions, especially when it comes to sports, The Dreamteam football league was very popular last year for the forum, and all the sponsors got involved and had given away prizes and what not. When the overall winner did win he donated all of his prize money to Help For Heroes, which was great news.

One of the reasons why the forum has been very popular is because once a question has been answered the topics tend to go way off topic with lots of Mickey takings and quite simply a lot of plasterers telling each other their trowels are the biggest. It is very funny but in the end, they all have a big hug, and it starts all over again the following night.

The Plasterers Forum is growing and its not going to stop. Come and pay the forum a visit if you have not done already and join in the banter.

The Plasterers Forum

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The Plasterers Forum

The Biggest Plastering Community

The Plasterers Forum was started in 2007 and has grown exponentially in the last couple of years. We have hit over 17,000 members and are receiving a lot of traffic each month to the site.

The Plasterers Forum is now the largest plastering forum on the Internet and to this very day, it is the biggest plastering forum to ever exist online.

What Has Made The Plasterers Forum So Great?

The members are the backbone to any community, and the plastering community is not any different and plasterers are truly social people so this was going to be a great recipe for a very interesting community.

I know that on the forum, there are not just plasterers but diy’ers, architects, self-builders and many more. One of the things that they all enjoy is the banter and Mickey taking. We have been referred to as the Facebook of the plastering industry.

What Does It Take To Be a Part Of The Plasterers Forum?

The Plasterers Forum is free to join and take part. We encourage readers or “lurkers” as we call them to register and join in.

If you have an interest in plastering or even just a member of the general public who would like reassurance that the plasterer that they have taken on to do a job for them around their home is doing it to a standard and done correctly.

We will take anybody on at the Plasterers Forum, and as long as you are nice and introduce yourself first then you will get on and get some great advice.

As over the years, we have found that the more you join in the more you will benefit and when I say a benefit, you can really benefit from being a part of this fantastic and outstanding community.

How Can You Benefit from The Plasterers Forum?

The Plasterers Forum has helped many plasterers over the years not in just plastering issues but also family legal and even fixing washing machines. Yes, I kid you not we had a member fix another member’s washing machine over 200 miles away.

One of the obvious perks of being one of the most influential bodies in the industry is that we get a lot of companies contacting us for our opinions of tools and products that are potentially coming to market.

I have been trialling plastic trowels, SpeedKkims, Mix-M8 and the Japenese trowels. However, sending me free tools to test is not really a massive benefit to our members but nearly all the companies do send out “samples” to members to try to give feedback on products.

Sometimes the feedback does not always go the way the companies want but still. Nonetheless, the companies get the feedback, and you get the tools.

We do have a lot of member’s signs up begging for work and although to the new member this seems like a great idea, it really does annoy the regulars, and we are now deleting the one post wonders.

If you are looking for plastering work, then you need to get involved in the forum and when the members start to trust you will find they share the work around but not only that I myself do give a lot of work away to members whom I know and trust.

Just recently I gave a full six bedroom house that needed plastering to a member of The Plasterers Forum and they are now plastering it and making a nice income from it.

You get out what you put in and not only that a lot of the members now socialise in “real” life and a lot of them have met for a drink, and this is great news. It just goes to show how much they enjoy the plastering community and how they value what they have learnt and the people they have met.

The Plasterers Forum could not be the community it is today without the member and the team that is behind it to make it the success that it is.

If you have any questions then, please contact me, I am always available by email, and you can find my contact details on the forum.

The Plasterers Forum

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